Why should I be your wedding photographer? Because I will take care of you as if you were my family. I will help you craft a timeline that allows your day to be your day, just how you want it. I will be here for you as a resource, because weddings can be stressful and overwhelming.

I will ensure that your day is exactly what you want, captured as beautifully as you deserve. I will be your eyes on your day, so that you can focus on the amazing gathering of everyone you love.

If it rains, if it snows... I've got you, and your images will still be amazing!

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should we book?

To avoid disappointment it is advised that you confirm your booking 12 - 18 months in advance. Some dates such as March and December are incredibly popular and often gets booked two years in advanced.

Do we need to pay a retainer?

Yes, in order to secure your date a 25% payment is required on the date of booking. A payment plan can be structured.

Do you travel?

Yes, we travel nationally and internationally, contact us for travel costs.

Can we meet before we decide to book?

Of course, depending where you are I prefer getting together at a local coffee shop and go over the entire wedding day.
*UPDATE - Due to recent developments pertaining to COVID-19 we prefer to have a Zoom Consultation.

How long do you need for the couple session on the wedding day?

Every wedding differs, and we take what we get to create the most incredible imagery. However, if you could allow anything from an hour to an hour and a half that would be ideal. This will include the time for family portraits and entourage.

Can we give you a list of shots we want?

Yes you may. Do keep in mind however that we prefer working off the energy of the day and replicating that in our images rather than working off of lists. This allows us to be more creative with what we are presented. If you are going to be making a list please do so for the family portraits that you want. If time allows we will complete through them, if not we will focus on getting the important ones such as parents and siblings.

Do you do table photographs?

We avoid table shots as far as possible as we have found them to be major time consumer which has led to inconvenienced couples having to spend a large portion of their reception time sitting for portraits. Our approach to your reception is to be as non intrusive as possible, capturing all the nuanced emotions that we would never be able to capture were we too obvious. If you do insist on table shots, we will gladly oblige.

How many images will we receive?

Our goal is to go into your wedding unencumbered of having limits and set amounts. And that is why we do not have a set amount of images. We will go through an initial selection process to eliminate any unintentional shots, and whatever is good, we will give to you. The images however will not be below 500.

Are our photographs safe?

Yes, all our camera systems have built in duplication systems that keep a backup of each image taken. We use the very best equipment currently on the market both on the wedding day and after. All images gets stored in the cloud indefinitely after delivery.

Can we have all the pictures taken of the day?

No, all photographs taken on the day is a work of art which is incomplete. While we fully understand the question, this is a little like going to a restaurant and asking for a raw chicken. It isn’t the finished product. In the same manner, while we shoot in a raw format, we edit each image so that everything looks cohesive when you receive your final edited photographs.

When will we receive our images?

Our promised turn-around time is 12 weeks. We have yet to take that long.

Do you post every wedding on social media?

YES! We love to show the world how beautiful our couples are. We do deliver a handful of teaser images within 2 weeks after the wedding.

How long until we receive our printed wedding album?

This all depends on how quickly you proof the album. We have spent a large investment into having a streamlined online process for our album proofing, and with your speedy assistance we can have it done as soon as 4 weeks from first proof.

Do you offer engagement shoots?

Yes we do. It can be added onto our collection at a price of R 2500 if you have already booked your wedding with us, but your package doesn't include an engagement session. This will include travel within Johannesburg and 50 - 60 images retouched. For some of our couple portraits look at our lifestyle collection.

Any Advice For Us?

Your photos won’t be eaten by guest or wilt the next day, they will outlive you.
Spend your budget on what’s important. The memories.

Be present. Have fun.

Use all your sense on the day.
Hear your mom say she loves you,
Feel the texture of your dress or suit,
Smell the flowers,
Taste that food you spent money on.

This is your day, don’t miss out on it.